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Account Management


World-class Account Management at all levels!

TSI believes that a single point of contact with an account management professional is the most efficient way to manage your travel account.


The account manager sits in the country where our client has their corporate headquarters and works closely with the local account manager to deliver on-the-ground support, as well as provide a clear road map of the overall agreement.


Client contact and visibility…

Our in-country member is responsible for developing the business plan and overseeing service, monitoring standards, the production of consolidated management information and supporting supplier negotiations. From a customer perspective this means that a comprehensive overview is available to you at all times.


Our customised Global Account Management service includes…


• Single point of contact, clear plan & measurable savings

• Fresh, new ideas in the travel industry

• Analytics, KPI’s, dashboards, meaningful data

Consulting services for sourcing & travel policies

• Maximized savings while maintaining balance

• A global manager for multinational programs


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