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Introducing… Bahrain



أهلا بك
Welcome to TSI Bahrain

Jamie Morris – TSI International Partnership Manager

April, 2018


Travel Solutions International welcomes another addition to our rapidly expanding MENA team. Founded in 1969, Bahrain International Travel bring unparalleled experience, of an increasingly important market, to the TSI group.


The diversification of the Bahraini economy, particularly the growth of it’s financial sector, have increased the country’s regional and global relevance to multinational business travel managers looking to consolidate their
international programs.


Based in Manama, BIT work amongst some of the country’s largest and most demanding public and private organisations and count many as long term clients and partners. TSI will support BIT and their clients in achieving their regional and global growth ambitions cost effectively.


CD Singh: A Word on Service from the Managing Director


“BIT’s philosophy retains the same central focus as it did when we first opened our doors, almost 50 years ago.


We have combined professionalism with a personal approach to travel administration. We have introduced technology to provide efficiencies to both ourselves and our clients, though service remains our point of differentiation. The Bahrain International Travel Group will always be committed to the continued development of customer service and the highest levels of attention to detail in all areas of our business.”


TSI MENA: A word from Samir Andraos

“The TSI MENA Team has continued to grow in early 2018 with the introduction of new Partners in Bahrain, Qatar and Oman. The insertion of BIT into the MENA Team increases our regional coverage and strength and allows us to respond to regional client demands.”



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