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APAC Team Meet in Taipei




APAC Team met for their inaugural regional conference in Taipei in March

Jamie Morris, TSI Communications Manager

March, 2017


TSI’s third and largest regional group met in Taipei, Taiwan, last week to officially launch the TSI APAC team, bringing together a group of 13 countries representative of all of the region’s major economic markets. As with the TSI Euro and MENA groups, the team was formed in response to growing consumer demand for regional consolidation. In 2016 regional demand represented more than 60% of total client demand, with the balance being demand for full cross-continental global consolidation. The trend towards regional consolidation – or “Regionalisation” as it has come to be known – is something we have seen gain particular traction in Asia. The size and diversity of the APAC region and its collection of distinct business cultures give Regionalisation an increased relevance.


The three main reasons clients prefer regional consolidation, as in other parts of the world, are also true for Asia and the Pacific. Regionalisation is easier in terms of accessing content and working within time zones, implementation, software and account management work well when aligned to a strong regional culture, and a regional focus reflects most multinational clients’ own organisational structure. However, the APAC region has factors very much its own that encourage a regional approach.




Without unifying institutions such as the European Union in Europe, or cultural/linguistic homogeneity as in the MENA, the region is even more difficult for a corporate client to govern from outside. This plays to a core strength of TSI’s, something that TSI India CEO, Abhijit Sinha, is keen to point out:


“We have key decision makers and experts in every major market across the region. Through the APAC Team structure TSI leaders across the continent are in regular communication allowing us to reaffirm our stringent service level and enhance our regional proposition.”


“This is a great strength of TSI’s. We have the coverage and flexibility to manage the most demanding of regional clients, right down to the ground, across very unique markets. You need that market expertise if you are going to effectively manage a corporate client’s programme across APAC.”


Hosted by Vincent Yang, CEO of Taipei based Star-Group (TSI Taiwan), the meeting included sessions on Business Development, Analytics as well as TMC service delivery models and incentive packaging software for large corporate clients.


After the success of 2016’s “All Systems Are Go!” programme where technology dominated, TSI’s Central Services team expect the regional initiative to define the wider strategy for 2017.


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