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Welcome to TSI Spain

Jamie Morris – TSI International Partnership Manager

July, 2018


Travel Solutions International welcomes a new Partner to represent the group, Presstour Travel. The incoming TSI Spain are headquartered in Madrid, with DMC operations across the country. Presstour were founded in 1997 by a group of experienced travel professionals, each with their own specialism, collectively covering Travel Incentives, Events, Congresses and the broad Business and Corporate sectors.


Managing Director, Oliver Prieto, leads a highly skilled team that mixes youthful creativity with experience. In his own words:


“We have a great team that will help you coordinating creativity, production, logistics, knowledge of the destination and everything you need… Forget about last minute changes, we always receive them as a new challenge!”


The buzzwords within Presstour are passion and personality, two pillars of Spanish culture:


“In a world in which we live online, Presstour continues to believe in personable relationships between people and the opportunities that arise from them. This passion is what keeps us moving and makes us believe in what we do, believe that it remains the best way of doing things.”


Alongside servicing a globally important market, the incoming TSI Spain will also take a leadership role within the TSI Euro team. Our regional proposition complements our global strength, applying TSI global technology within the complex regulatory and cultural context of the European Union.



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