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TSI European Team Formation


TSI Euro Team

TSI announce the formation of dedicated European Team at regional meeting in London

Jamie Morris, TSI Partner Communications Manager

January, 2017


Travel Solutions International, the global TMC with operations in 40 countries, today announced the formation of a dedicated European Team at a meeting hosted at TSI’s global headquarters in the City of London. This initiative is the first of a number of regional groupings (Americas, Middle-East, APAC and Africa) in response to increasing client demand for regionalisation, collaboration across geo-political “theatres”, and to promote leadership and innovation between operations that share clients, time-zones and economic conditions.


“It’s not a direct response to the post-Brexit environment across Western and Central Europe” said Paul Spencer, Head of International Sales “but was certainly encouraged by recent geo-political events and their potential impact on the travel management supply chain, as well as potential legislative changes from taxation through to data protection. We’ve simply seen an increase in client demand for a more regionally focused approach and the time is right to formalise existing TSI groupings under a new initiative for 2017.”


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TSI operations from the UK, Holland, Belgium, Greece, Luxembourg, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Spain, France and Romania kicked off the first of three annual meetings. “The European team will grow” confirmed Paul, “to include TSI operations in Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. The London meeting provided us with the chance to refine a template for this initiative”.


Aidan Coghlan, the incoming TSI Chairman, hosted the meeting which included sessions on Artificial Intelligence Software and Analytics as well as TMC service delivery models and TSI collaborative software. “It’s a chance to share best practice, comparing and contrasting different in-country approaches and skill sets accessing the astonishing expertise across our European Operations and reinforcing how TSI standards and the global process consistency we provide can benefit from local experience. Within TSI Europe we can access in house; Consolidator, Marine & Charter and Software Development resources that add real value to our global proposition.”

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TSI’s central services team expect this initiative to define 2017’s strategy, reinforcing connections and encouraging new ones as we expand our footprint both regionally and globally. After the success of 2016’s “All Systems Are Go!” programme where technology dominated, we’re building on our other assets – our people!


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