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Introducing… Malta & North Africa

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Welcome to Planit 247 the New TSI Malta & North Africa!

October, 2016


TSI have introduced a new partner to represent the global brand across the Maltese, Libyan, Egyptian and Tunisian markets.


Led by joint Managing Directors, Aaron and Elexia Stivala, Planit Travel Services provide a highly regarded and comprehensive travel management service in Malta, Libya and across North Africa.


Headquartered in Gzira, on the island of Malta, Planit Travel Services are built on a foundation of more than forty years’ experience. Making their name early on as specialists in the Libyan travel market, they are held in high regard as one of the region’s best established and well-connected travel service providers. Planit have been able to continue facilitating the most demanding of clients, despite the backdrop of regional instability from their Maltese base, though have teams located on the ground in Libya, Tunisia and Egypt.


Aaron Stivala attributes his organisation’s reputation to the way they meld traditional local market experience with service and technical innovation. In his own words; “[We] deliver an online service with a dedicated and experienced offline team. We are able to merge technology with real, dependable, human service which allows us to stand out in our local space”


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