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TSI Introducing… Mexico, Greece, Kuwait, India and Malaysia





New TSI Partners in Mexico, Greece, Kuwait, India and Malaysia

November, 2013



Travel Solutions International have recently added a number of new partners globally reaching extended markets in South America, Europe, the Middle East and across APAC.


In the last two quarters, four agencies have joined TSI to represent the global partnership in their local markets of Mexico (Travel for Winners), Greece (Synthesis Group), Kuwait (Horizon Travel), India (Lionel India) and Malaysia (Tradewinds Travel). TSI Chairman David Gorecki, of TSI USA, commented that “We have seen considerable growth in corporate travel in each of these markets in recent years and are delighted to gain experts in these countries who will represent the interests of TSI on a global basis. Each of our new network partners have a strong market presence in their respective markets and have developed strong relationships with local suppliers. This adds significant value to our global client base.”


TSI’s network continues to grow globally with new agencies being introduced on a regular basis. TSI only selects one Travel Management Company from each country, thereby making sure that our clients get the best in market agencies to facilitate their travel needs. The companies involved in the TSI network work closely together to achieve their common goal: to build a strong network with good communication between countries, providing a premium travel service and consolidated data to clients, using expert local market knowledge with best-in-market technology and solutions.


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