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TSI Conference… Dublin 2012




TSI Global Conference…

Dublin hosts Autumn 2012 

September, 2012

Delegates from 25 countries attended the recent Autumn Travel Solutions International (TSI) global conference, held at the stylish new Gibson Hotel in Dublin’s city center. The global partnership of independent TMCs focused on development of the TSI brand, common technologies and  the importance of a cohesive social media message as their key topics on the conference agenda.


“We believe that face to face interaction between our key agency members is critical to driving business and developing cohesion across our group,” confirmed Jonathan Kao, Managing Director of TSI China and Chairman of the TSI Board. “The global travel landscape is constantly shifting, as are the solutions and technologies available to both TSI as a global entity and our constituent partners in their local markets.”


“Attendance of these conferences and participation in discussion topics means that TSI partners are direct drivers of our overarching direction. Together we are working to develop TSI into a globally recognised brand within the industry. Enhancing our internal interaction, processes and proposition is key to achieving this”.


TSI’s Spring conference will be held in Beijing in March 2013.


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